Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Sydney

Every large house, auditorium, office, and hospital requires reverse cycle ducted air conditioning for temperature control. For Australian cities like Sydney, this is a basic requirement. At Sydney Air Solutions, we understand that central air conditioning through ducts requires expert advice, execution, and workmanship, as this is a sizeable investment for every new or existing property. We offer the best possible solution to your needs for a residential ducted air conditioning system with our team of experts with several years of experience.

The continuing popularity of a reverse ducted air conditioner is because it is a multi-purpose system that offers not just cooling or heating of a property but also purification of air. In cities with extreme temperatures, this has become a primary requirement. It is also great for the environment as it cuts greenhouse emissions. As this is highly specialised work, you will be well-advised to use only an authorised and experienced company for the installation of your ducted system air conditioning at your property.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Aircon

Tips for Residential Ducted System Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle aircon is considered the ultimate in-home luxury and a statement in modern living. To help you get the best out of your central air conditioning system, without running a large utility bill or expensive maintenance over the years, we have put together the best tips for you:

Install Your Ducted System Air Conditioning Soon: Do not wait for the heat or chill outside to reach its highest point before switching on the central air conditioning system. Air purification and temperature control is a continuous thing; however, starting the system early in the day saves you the cost of cooling or heating as the day progresses.

Avoid Wastage: Keep the doors and windows closed and sun-facing window curtains drawn as much as possible to allow for maximum cooling or heating.

Avoid Extreme Settings at Start-Up: It is a great misconception that starting with extreme temperatures in the control unit will cool or heat your property faster. You will only end up increasing the utility bill as it would require more energy to reach the desired temperature.

Zone Distribution: Split the entire house into zones to cool or heat only those areas that are occupied, in turn conserving energy.

Use Timers: It is best to use timers and auto-cut offs to maintain temperature control, while also saving on utility bills.

Annual Maintenance and Servicing: Since central air conditioning through ducts is a complicated system, it requires regular and timely service and annual maintenance to ensure that the system is working at its optimum best. This also helps you avoid shutdowns, breakdown, and expensive repairs.

No-Obligation Quotes for Ducted Reverse Cycle Aircon

For all your reverse cycle ducted air conditioning installation requirements, get a free online quote from our experts. Our experienced specialists can provide you with a no-obligation quote free of cost. With no hidden surprises, the process is transparent and honest. You can get the best quotes on:

  • New installations
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