Installing Split System Air Conditioners – Important Things to Consider

The soaring temperatures in Sydney during summer months require you to have a good quality air conditioner at your home or office. To beat the heat waves, you need a good split system air conditioner. You may choose a split AC system for a variety of reasons – they are eye-pleasing, energy-efficient, and easy to use with just a flick of a button. To find out which split AC system is best suited for you, call Sydney Air Solutions and let our expert guide you.

While buying a split or mini-split AC system, your primary motive is the comfort of your family or your office workers. However, you should consider a few important things before requesting a split AC installation.

Split AC System Capacity (Size): This will depend on the size and layout of the property and the room or section that you need cooling for. You need to be careful about selecting the right capacity for your air conditioner, as both the cooling and utility bill is dependent on them.

Ductless AC Cost: Cost of the split AC is another factor that you need to consider. The cost of using a split air-conditioning unit is slightly higher compared to a window air conditioner. But they more than make up for the difference in cost with their various features like aesthetics and ease of use. And with a higher star rating or an energy-efficient model, you can also save on the one-time purchase cost.

Split System Installations

Professional Split AC Installation: Whether you go in for a wall-mounted or a ceiling-mounted variant, do get a professional installation done at your home or office. Since this is an expensive investment and the wrong installation may impact both performance and warranty, you ought to select a reputable and experienced installation company.

Benefits of Split System Air Conditioners

You will find several benefits in using a split AC or a mini-split AC system. We have compiled a list of some of the best features of a split air conditioner that you will find useful:

Visually Appealing: You will find a split air conditioner better than a window unit as far as aesthetics are concerned. They fit in well with the décor of the room and are easy to use.

Less Noise: Another major factor and advantage are that the split air conditioner makes less noise. This is because the main compressor unit is mounted away from the room.

Cheaper Installation Fee: The ductless AC only requires a small hole in the wall for the compressor and electric cables to connect the main compressor unit with the wall or ceiling mounted unit. This is a huge cost saving for you.

No-Obligation Quotes for Split AC Installation

For all your split and mini-split AC installation requirements, get a free online quote from our experts. Our team of highly experienced professionals can provide you with a no-obligation quote free of cost. There are no hidden surprises, and the process is always transparent and honest. You can get the best quotes on:

  • New installations
  • Best and affordable mini-split AC systems
  • Selection of ductless mini-split ACs for your house/apartment
  • Servicing and maintenance

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